Video Converter can convert almost any video format to any other video format. Some of the formats supported are rmvb, mp4, 3gp, wmv, mov, avi, divx, mpg, flv, mkv and vob. You can also adjust quality for every format.

Usage and options

To convert video files -

  • You first add files to be converted by clicking on Add button.
  • Now you select output folder by clicking on browse.
  • Finally select the output format and the quality.
  • You can also select custom quality and select desired custom settings.
  • Finally you click convert and here we go, file is converted.

    Custom Settings include options like bitrate, frame rate, framesize, aspect ratio, crop, pad, audio bitrate, frequency and channels.

    Bitrate will decide how many kilo bits will be played per second.

    Framerate will decide how many frames will be displayed per second.

    Aspect Ratio will change options available in frame size to match aspect ratio selected.

    Frame size is in pixels(widthxheight) and decides output width/height of the video.

    Crop Video will cut portions of a video file from specified area. Values entered are in pixels.

    Pad Video will add black strips at specified areas. Values are again in pixels.

    Frequency will decide how many samples per second will be processed in final audio.

    Channels will decide how many channels will the final audio have. 2 channels means stereo and is most common.

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