Audio/Video Player can play almost any file, DVD and VCD. It can play DVD/VCD even from a folder. Some of the formats supported by it are mp3, wav, aac, wma, amr, flac, m4a, ac3, rmvb, mp4, 3gp, wmv, mov, avi, divx, mpg, flv, mkv and vob.

In addition to the basic functions like play, pause, stop, it has many advanced features like Change Ratio, Screenshot, Framestep, Overscan, Sub Titles support, speed change, audio delay and playlist support. We selected the features very carefully so that only the features relevant to common user are added but overall the player remains a powerful one.

Usage and options

To play a file, you can simply double click that file if it is associated with Media Cope. You can associate files to Media Cope from settings. If a file is not associated, you can run Media Cope and click open to open file of your choice.

Once you open a file, it starts playing and is also added to the playlist. To add more files to this list you can click add and do the job. There is one more option to add files to the list and that is from the explorer right click menu (shell menu)

Change Ratio will change the aspect of the video being played. When you click Change Ratio for the first time, Media Cope will change ratio of your video to ratio of your screen.

Frame Step will play your video frame by frame. It becomes essential when you do not want to miss even minor details. Number of clicks on Frame Step is equal to number of frames played.

Screenshot will take a photograph of the video being played and save it in your My Pictures folder.

Now there is also a combo box with different options and next to it are + and - buttons. + will behave as add/increase/load and - will behave as subtract/decrease/unload for item selected in combo box.

Overscan will increase the width and height of the video without changing the ratio.

Sub Titles will load or unload the sub titles.

Sub Titles Delay, Move Sub Titles, Audio Delay and Speed are self explanatory.

Keep on Top will keep Media Cope window at the top of every other window open. This way you can surf your computer and simultaneously watch video of your choice.

For the playlist options, all are self explanatory.

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